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Saturday, 1 December 2007

"Half an Acre? Why?" I hear you ask ..

A very good friend of mine heard it on the radio, from a 1950's recording of Gardener's Question Time.
"No matter how small one's garden one should always set aside at least half an acre for wildflowers."
I think it is mis-quoted because my mother found it quoted again in a magazine and cut out the words for me. It was a whole acre, but I can't change the name now!
I found it a curious and evocative name for my company.

My Half an Acre is a peaceful meadow - lizards dart through the grass, fish swim in the little river and the Sockbunnies live in The Warren, which nestles in the sunniest corner of the plot. There is a vegetable garden, tended by the bunnies, where they grow carrots, lettuce and strawberries.

One day I will have my own half an acre, and there will be a hammock slung between two trees and a rickety gate leading to the adjacent garden of my oldest and best friend Ruth.