Welcome to my blog. I am 'The Bunny Maker' - aka Anna, confuzzled mother of three boys, maker of sock bunnies for Widget and Friends, owner of The Warren Bunny Boarding and artist behind Half an Acre. Come on in and join the madness!


Well .... you see ..... The Bunny Maker is me, Anna.

 I had (or have) a little business called Half an Acre, making handmade wooden lovely things.  I never used to make bunnies until one day I did.  I made a bunny from a sock ........(more about that in a min.).

I live in West Sussex, with a husband, three small boys, lots of lego, pencils, paint, cushions and random objects.   One of these small boys, the eldest, loves bunnies, especially ones with soft, soft ears. He has 42. 42 bunnies.  On his bed. I made him another from a sock. Then another.  Then his two brothers wanted one. Then my friends' children wanted bunnies, and those bunnies needed bunny cousins.

I put a basket of them on the corner of my Half an Acre stall......

 Okay, I don't have a picture of that but this one shows the morphing of my stall into a 'Widget and Friends' stall.  This is the Marvelous Moveable Meadow that the bunnies sit in.
Anyway .... they ALL sold.  Then the next basket load sold.
So, due to demand for a website and more bunnies .... Widget and Friends was born.

Widget was one of the first bunnies I made and is pretty cute.  He has a nice scarf and his picture taken every day for a year and posted on his own special blog Widget's Year.

The bunnies are for sale through the Widget and Friends shop on Folksy.  You can also buy some Thock Thnakes there and the new handmade wooden beds for tired bunnies.

The blog here is very active; people send in news of the bunnies they have bought and great pictures too.  They all go up on the blog for everyone to see.  You can sneak a peek at them in The Bunny Gallery.  I am asked for custom bunnies on a regular basis and love the challenge.  You can see some of them in the Custom Bunny Gallery.

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