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Monday, 9 May 2011

In which The Bunny Maker wonders just when enough is enough...

Have you even suddenly reached the conclusion that you have had enough? I'm sure you have.  But, when is that thought at it's limit?  When you can no longer reverse from it and take another run up?  It seems that, here at The Warren, enough is finally enough.

I was brought up to believe that I could do anything if I put my mind, or hand to it and, pretty much, I can. I am very capable, or I thought I was. In turning this capable hand to making things I can whip up an idea in minutes, I can launch a website and raise over £600 within weeks for charity- I can start an online business from nothing - no knowledge, nothing.  I know how to market my product and myself on the internet and I know how to sell from the kitchen table, as the saying goes.

What I can't do is remember to do things.  Last year I filled in my tax form online but forgot to complete the final step.  Hence I was fined £100.  Luckily, as I was not due to pay tax, the fine was not applicable.

Last weekend I booked tickets and turned up for an event that was not scheduled until the end of this month.

For my son's last birthday I booked the cinema for 7 seats for the friday and turned up on the saturday.  Luckily they had seats but I still had to pay again.

I forgot to pay for our boiler service and very nearly got a black mark on our credit record.  All it took was one phone call.

I booked a holiday via email last year, didn't pay the deposit, as we decided not to go to the destination, assuming this would somehow negate the booking and then not remembering to contact them to let them know.  Now they are asking us to pay for that holiday.  We have just paid to go somewhere else. 

There are hundreds of instances of my memory failing such as the above but it is the last example which has made me take stock.  Enough is enough.  My head is in fifty different places at once and brain is in none of them.  What I worry about though is my idle mind.  My idle mind gets into trouble and needs to be pinned to something or disaster ensues. 

I've put all my shops into holiday mode, I've cleared out half of my things from my beautiful workroom, and moved the boys (and the Playstation) back in.  Soon I will only have the house, the shopping and being a parent to worry about.  This is the thing I should be turning my mind to, and focusing on right now.

For now ... my lovely blog followers (and I don't realise how many I do have until I actually meet people who say "You're The Bunny Maker,I follow your blog!") I am in 'screensaver mode' - kinda here, but kinda not.  That is why all my shops announce a holiday (oh ha ha, a holiday? have two!) and the only thing on my facebook page are my Cityville updates!

The Bunny Maker would like to announce that, finallly, enough is enough.