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Thursday, 4 January 2007


The Warren nestles in a sunny corner of half an acre of meadow. Widget SockBunny and his f riends hop amongst the wildflowers, sun their ears on the grassy banks and make daisy chains to decorate their burrows.

It was discovered when my three children were a little bored and I made a sock bunny for one of them. Then the other two boys wanted one. Those bunnies were lonely and needed bunny friends. The bunnies then needed families. Next their friends wanted bunnies, then their friends' friends ......... As everyone discovered their inner bunny it became obvious that a shop was needed. And so Widget and Friends opened on Folksy!

All the sock bunnies are made from one lovely, new, soft sock stuffed with BS safety standard filling. They are washable and suitable for even the smallest bunny lovers. There is nothing to be pulled, to come off or to be swallowed!
Each bunny comes in it's own sleeping bag. Please keep them in there at night as they don't like to be cold. Remember to take them out in the daytime though ..... so they can hop around and search for carrots.

Each bunny comes in a travelling box with a bunny badge and instructions on how to stay in touch with The Warren. The bunnies would love to know where their friends are off to and any interesting tales they have to tell of their travels. Please let them know by contacting The Warren and it can be posted on this blog! Your bunny will also be added to the Bunny Map and it you let us know if it travels anywhere it's journey can be plotted too!

The bunnys' email address is: thewarren@halfanacre.co.uk

Remember - your inner bunny is in there struggling to get out!

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