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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Halloween Merry-go-round ......

Jump on the merry-go-round and join a group of artists/ crafts-women as they link hands around the world and tell you a little bit about their lives in art and craft.

okay - we've come round a whole month and its once again time for a Merry-go-round post! This one, of course, has a Halloween theme ....... What is the scariest part of your art/craft?

The truth is that I am not scared, nothing has been scary - some things have been disheartening but I'm so bloody minded that it just strengthens my resolve. I'm having a ball - a fabulous time - I'm surrounded by paint - i'm selling my things - I'm meeting lots of people who are inspiring me to try other crafts - I have nothing to lose and everything to gain - I'm happy! So I shall divert to things that scare me in general..... it'll be much more interesting and Halloweeny..

1. I am scared of creepy dolls .....

See? That picture on the left - all those VERY STILL ugly dolls? They are haunted. That pram in the middle? That is a haunted pram! It creaks and rocks in the night in your attic. *shiver*. And as for those dolls on the right ........ I can't even look at them ........ Ronald McDonald also falls into this catagory.

2. I am a little scared of drills - I don't like it - I don't like my soft fingers near its whizzing whirliness. Especially my little hobby one as when I drill something little I have to hold it between said soft pink fingers EWWWWWWWWeughghghghhgh *shudder*. Chain-saws fit in here too. Chain-saws will sever my leg and I will spout arterial blood too quickly and the ambulance will be late.....

3. I am scared of 'Mr Kipling' and his French Fancies ..... It was his voice in
the adverts .... it told me about him and his er.... 'tendancies' and it was always a bit too 'Lewis Carrol' for my liking or WORSE. He creeped the hell out of me but I did like the cakes. They were a real treat when I was a kid - a freaked out kid!
I can still hear him saying "...exceedingly good cakes" in that crumb-filled voice of his and I know he would want me to have sat on his knee .... *shiver* ... moving along swiftly now ......

4. I am scared of Bob Flowerdew. OMG! I've been in google images and there is a picture of him naked with a well-placed leaf!! ARGHGHGGGHHGH! THAT IS HORRIBLE ....... click here if you dare! After that shock I'll put a picture of him here but I'll never be able to look at this post again! I can't explain it really - its that ratty plait he always has draped over his shoulder and his big, big chin and slappy hair - I'm sorry Bob, you are a champion of organic gardening but you scare me with your face .......... It's me, not you, Bob.......

That's enough now - I can't be in this post any longer .. I'm going to leave you with a list of all the other Merry-go-rounders ....


  1. Ha ha! Bob Flowerdew...that's so funny! You make me laugh Anna - but I'm in complete agreement with you about those dolls!! Yikes!!

    Right - I'd better hop off and write mine sometime today!

  2. Hello! I'm so glad you found me -and thanks for telling me the path. Wasn't winnie the pooh's forest called the "half-acre woods?" If you want to read more of the artist series, in the right column there are about seven more. I've been asking the same questions so that you get an idea of what works for different people. I just read through the things that frighten you and I have to agree with many of them.

  3. It's fun to read your post. It is Halloween and it is suppose to have fun.

    It is great that you are enjoying your craft and having so much fun.

  4. That Flowerdwq guy looks scary in that pic, I dont know if I want to check the naked one...

    I agree with you about dolls, and prams and clows and that type of thing.... horrible.

  5. Hilarious! Loved the insight in your freaked out mind (I mean this with great love!), the pram got me well and proper, and that plait... Holey Moley, don't even go there!

  6. Scared of French Fancies?! Well now that you mention the 'tendancies' thing I tend to agree... exceedingly good cakes though!!


  7. Drills and power tools! I don't think I'd ever used any until I started my silver work. Drills still scare me though. I do not want a hole in my finger....

  8. lol .. really kool post.. I liked the way you described the Halloween theme. So interesting to read. Keep up the good job.

  9. Thanks for the funny (HaHa and weird) post. I do sympathize about the drill... and about Ronald MacDonald— he's definitely scary!

  10. lol I'm scared of drills too! I took an hour trying to drill a piece of brass charm and ended up using a hammer and sharp thingy to poke a hole instead cuz I was afraid my fingers will get drilled off =P