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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Pleeeeeese buy me this! Pleeeeeeese ......

My Saturday Shopping List this week is not from Etsy or any other place but is a seller I came across when I had a stall at possibly the WORST sale I've EVER done. I was promised riches beyond belief and I sold .....er...ZIP! It was a ladies lunch/shopping affair and unbeknown to me they all went off for a three hour lunch in the middle!!!! So we were all stuck there with nothing to do for all that time! I even got back in the car and drove off to get a newspaper - then I had a little snooze too! BUT I did meet Naive there - and bought a few things - as you do in times of need and weakness!
The mother and daughter team handmake all the gorgeous things using found materials which they then knit, stitch or felt and transform them into magical items.
Jewellery cones, chocolate box ring trays, beehive pincushions, lavender filled sweets ....... a veritable tea-room of goodies!
I need one of those beautiful cones on the left there - my necklaces are all of a jumble and I hate those wire body in a frilly dress things you can buy all over for hanging them on. I'm just not a frilly dress jewellery hangy person - therefore I need said knitted cone in the picture ... NEEEEEEEEEED it. So, if you could all chip in together that would be great.
So .. now you know where to get some yummy presents - Linky dink is here in case you missed it the first time round (you really must pay attention) www.naive.biz - off you go, away with you and your credit card...

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  1. Well - these are gorgeous, I have to say! Beautiful!! I'm not surprised you fancy one yourself...

  2. I totally feel that worst stall event thing, my first one was so badly organised that we sellers started buying from each other to comfort ourselves!

  3. I want that cone too!!!! I've been struggling with my necklaces. Not that i have that many, but the few I do have are always all entangled and...blaaa.. bores me to even thing about working on them to get one lose.
    What a great idea.
    Boring market I see....

  4. Oooh, i was drooling over the jewellery cones in a gallery the other day, they're so cute! hi by the way, i really like your blog title, and the back story, i'm glad i've found you!