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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Swirly whirly trees and I need to stop spending!

Okay - I'm going to ignore my plans for my Shopping List Saturday feature ! No new Etsy seller today - no Christmas Quest - except that I'd like any of the items below under my tree! - I was searching for both and found something that I simply have to show you. I neeeeeeeeeeeed these trees in my life.
Jordanka Yaretz is 'the tree artist'- her Etsy shop is here. She has won a load of awards and has bunches of exhibitions under her belt across Canada and the USA. The bit I like best is that eight of her paintings have been reproduced as UNICEF Christmas cards. I seriously love these trees - dreamy, magical, evocative. I really shouldn't do these features anymore as I can only do them on people whos things I want to buy and that invariably leads to me doing just that!.
Speaking of buying - this is my latest purchase - from one of my favourite sellers Birdland Creations.
How cute is that bunny? My eldest son is totally into them so I bought it to have in memory of him. I'd like one for each boy, relating to their fabourite toys. I'm always putting together charm bracelets and necklaces and can't wait to make something very cute with these. I've spent all day today making some Christmas decorations - wooden hearts painted red then with white and gold stas and posts added.
OOOh! What happened in that last sentence? I've just come back to add some more and saw it - yikes! That's what happens when you do your posts at 1am! I'm not sure what 'posts added' means either! If you hold on I'll post some pics of my decorations ....... *rummage*

There you go! Not the greatest of product shots but .... hey it is Sunday! If you click on the picture it'll take you to a bigger one and you can see the detail - the white bits are little whirly things - quite cute. Those dotty bits are in fact gold - nice, shiny gold - so it all looks very festive indeed. Oh yes, the size - er...... 32cm long - its painted on both sides and will have a hanging string when i've put one on! I'm not putting these in my shop so if you'd like one - just ask!


  1. Wow - those trees are something else!
    I so agree with you about these lists...to easy to spend! Fun doing it though, don't you think?!
    Lovely idea with the charm xx

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my TREE paintings on your blog. Your writing is very charming and your creations are great.

  3. The tres are gorgeous and Ruth's stuff is fantastic. I love her jewellery.
    Yor heart is great! The white swils are super cute!! love the whole thing. Why aren't you putting them in the shop?

  4. Because i've only got 4 and I need them to go on my stalls over the christmas period!