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Monday, 24 November 2008

Paper, paper everywhere .......

Goodness me! It's been one of those weeks indeed! I've made a stack of handmade paper - for christmas cards and for the boys' advent calendar - I'll show you pics of that later - I'm going to make 24 weeny paper bags with little bits and pieces in for each day. All the paper is ready and it just needs folding.

I've added some pics of all the paper making - the first looks like some wierd biscuit making thing going on but is actually me trying to be all clever with cookie cutters and paper pulp. Second is the papermache fish (previously torso, seal, whale, submarine) - I've decided that its final coating will be a bathymetric (hope that is the word!) map of the oceans i.e what lies under the water. I thought that might be suitably fishy for it instead of the Telegraph doom and gloom credit crunch stuff which forms his skin at the moment. Third picture is my kitchen table set up for a massive papermaking session and, fourth, the results of that session - enough paper for the 24 bags for the advent calendar.

I did a sale today - at a school - it was heaving with kids and parents - I sold some stuff, not a great deal, but enough - sold all my sock bunnies and pigs! I've been shopping since and bought loads of fantabulous stripey socks .... is Half an Acre going to do a bit of a swerve and become a multi-million pound sock bunny empire? Might be indeed!

I have also totally missed the Shopping List Saturday feature this week ... what can I do but grovel. As I said - I've been busy!!! UK Handmade launches soon! *claps wildly* But until it does you can have a nosey at the blog ... the latest feature (written by me .. teehee) is very interesting indeed especially if you are a knitter ..... linky dinky here.

I've also decided to update my facebook page. Which threw me into a state of confusion as I seem to have an 'Anna Hull' profile with a 'Half an Acre page' attached as well as a 'Half an Acre' profile page with nothing attached. Too confusing. I deactivated the H an A profile page and am in the midst of renovating the rest. All this was sparked by getting a message from an old school pal. *waves at Tilly* Now I'm seaching for any name of any person I've ever known - right old time waster - GAH! the internet can be so absorbing! Apparently this is the Half an Acre page (become a fan, go on, make me feel popular!) and this is my 'Me' profile - apparently.

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  1. I love the tree hugging article on uk handmade, i wanna make a hug long scarf now, how cozy! btw i love reading your blog, you make me chuckle, and i feel like it's just a chat with a pal. keep up the good work! :o)