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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Waffle, waffle, waffle... and not the Belgian kind...

Gah! I've missed my Shopping List Saturday feature by a day AGAIN!!!!! Obviously Sunday is the new Saturday. Or, obviously, it isn't as you will see that there is no feature in this post!

It's been an eventful and expensive week. On Thursday I, and the three boys, hit a big, hard, bumpy thing on the road and destroyed the tyre on my car. Luckily a friend could come and pick the boys up as I then sat, freezing my butt off in the ditch the 2 1/2 hours waiting for the AA man to come. Yes! I will say it again! Two and a half long, freezing hours in the dark on a busy, busy road felling all female and on my ownsome! My car carries no spare tyre as the space is compromised by the back seats which lay down flat into the space it would have taken up. So, I needed to be towed. AND ... AND.... I broke down in the only spot on the road where there is next to no mobile reception. I could only just call the AA - four tries it took. Then I could only sporadically text a friend to get them to chase the AA up. When the AA man arrived he said he'd only got the call 20 mins prior!!! NOT HAPPY WITH THE AA! The man, by the way, was fantastic - just like the adverts!

I've done my last sale event for the year - it was disasterous! Only 7 people came in through the door! But I did sell six sock bunnies. The bunnies have been keeping me going over the last few weeks big time! Something about them is deeply appealing to everyone ...... Do you need one? You can find them all here at The Warren on Folksy. Folksy has really come up trumps over the last two weeks - I've had 9 sales now - two of them today and the same item but in different colours. I've even had three sales through my ill-fated website. If I knew then what I do now I wouldn't have paid out all that money for the site - which, incidentally, I am still paying off. I hadn't discovered all these Etsy, Folksy things back then and everyone kept saying those haunting words "Do you have a website?".
I'm thinking that this might be my last post before Christmas - I kinda want to have a break and just make paperchains with the boys ..... but, we shall see ...... I'll have more time now the events are all done and dusted.
Actually - i've got an idea .. okay, this isn't my last post ........


  1. I missed mine too, trying to do it now but it may well be Monday now!
    Glad you got towed home OK.
    I have not tried the Folksy web site, I will take a look.
    Best wishes

  2. Oh no!!! Don't you just hate breakdowns??

    Said it before and I'll say it again...those bunnies are too cute!
    I'm with you on the blog break thing...it was a good idea during half term, otherwise you end up glued to the computer if you're not careful!

    Hope to read a bit more from you before Christmas!

  3. Eeks! Don't think about changing to the RAC - they are just as bad. When I was 19 I was stranded on my own on the M4 for 3 hours after calling the RAC. Safe.

  4. Hello there. I know it is some time since your post however, I work for the AA and happen to have seen your story. The AA welcomes feedback, good and bad, and I invite you to call the Member Care team on 0845 607 6727 so they can listen to your concerns and use them to improve the service that we provide in the future.