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Friday, 9 January 2009

I'm cheating ....

...with my Shopping List Saturday feature! I realised after I posted one last week that no one else had done one that week and no one had visited mine either - I usually get a few comments, you see! So .... as i've been stupidly busy this week with the boys going back to school, losing school shoes and general getting on with start of the year stuff I am re-posting it!! Cheating ....... Yes, I know!!! *berates self for a few seconds*

Woo Hoo! I'm starting off the new year organised! I'm actually getting this feature posted on time! I hope this continues.... Firstly, though, my sock bunny blog is up and running - I'm still tweaking bits here and there but essentially it is finished. No doubt I'll change the whole lot next week then. There are even a few 'bought bunnies' featured.

My Shopping List Saturday feature today will be from a seller who brought much happiness and cozy love into our home over Christmas. Etsy seller DKoss2 from Cutesy But Not Cutesy makes monsters! The fuzziest, cutest monsters I've yet to come across. I bought this one, left, for my husband (being a kinda monster-loving guy). The boys have been fighting over him for cuddles - er, the monster, that is, although they do do the same with my husband! He is really soft and has this cute, slightly self-conscious air to him. His new home is on our mantlepiece - he looks great there and we can see him all the time. I keep fluffing his fir in case he gets dusty! Hmmm - he doesn't have a fir with him as far as I can see - just a bird - so I guess I meant to type 'fur'. I thought he should have a friend so I've ordered one for him ...... What do you reckon? I'm wondering if he might be upset that another has arrived. He hasn't spoken yet - I wonder if the plane ride over traumatised him slightly. Check her shop on Etsy - there are all kinds of monsters for sale and almost all of them will make you smile!
Don't forget there are more Shopping List Saturday features listed on FancyPicnic's blog - they make it easier for you to find great things on Etsy because, lets face it, the site is pretty huge! I did quite a bit of Christmas shopping on there this year and was thrilled when one friend said "WHERE do you keep getting all these fabulous things?!"


  1. happy new year! lovely monsters...hmmm strange sense of deja vu...

    Cate, x

  2. Here at last!!
    You know why I haven't made it over here until now...but you know, we never did get around to the paperchains!
    Great monsters...but love your map table! Your conversation with your husband matched those in our house. They never know how to hold things properly, do they?? Even when it's dead obvious what we need them to do!! Tee hee!