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Thursday, 5 March 2009


Global bunny is back from Kenya! She has had a brilliant time.

Bunny! Are you okay up there?

From her diary:
'Exciting Travels In Kenya'
I've had a wonderful time travelling around the Rift Valley in Kenya. I did not see any other bunnies but did see Zebra and Rhinos! I felt very small! I met a number of children in Kenyan primary school, They loved me and I made lots of friends I've had a super time and even got a suntan! I wonder where I will be going next?

*Ahem* What are you reading, Bunny? A guide book for Marrakesh!
When are you going there? Next weekend? You are going with Tor? Oh my goodness, I hope you won't let her do too much shopping in the markets there. You know what shes like!
Bon Voyage Global Bun! Can't wait to hear about your new trip. See you when you get back....

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