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Thursday, 30 April 2009

The bunnies get certified!!!

This came in the post just now...

I am totally chuffed! In case you can't see what it says:

"This is to certify that, in pursuance of and subject to the provisions of Registered Designs Act 1949, the design of which a prepresentation or specimen is attached, had been registered as of the date of registration shown above in the name of Anna Hull in respect of the application of such design to: Children's toy bunny made from a sock International Design Classification LOC (07) cl.21-01"

Which means that, in the UK, only I can make and retail a bunny in a sleeping bag made from a sock! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! This does not, however, mean that all you lovely crafting people have to stop making bunnies from socks - it just means that it can't look like one of mine. I had to submit detailed photos showing the exact design on mine and it is that design that the certificate applies to. I'm tickled pink .........


  1. That's fab, well done you. Well worth the hard work.

  2. hurrah!!! SockBunnies Empire here we come!!!

  3. Congratulations! Your bunnies are very unique. :)

  4. That's fantastic! I've just had my business name trademarked, so I know how thrilled you must be! It's a long process, but definitely worth it. Congratulations!