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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Geocache Bunny on the Isle of Wight!

Easter was quite eventful at The Warren this year. Widget invited Geocache Bunny on holiday to the Isle of Wight too. Geo Bun was pretty relieved to be out of the backpack where he had been forgotten for a while in between caches. Poor little bunny! To cheer him up he was taken on 10 caches and even sent off his own Travel Bug. Guess what the Travel Bug looked like! You guessed it ....... there's 'Travelling Bunny' in the picture. Everyone has waited a long time to find just the right one for the task. In the picture he's all attached to the metal dog tag with his code number on it. When people find him in a cache they log this number on the geocaching.com website and then we can all see how far he is travelling.
Here is Geo Bun tucking Travelling Bunny into the cache at 'Colonels Hard' on Bembridge beach. Everyone is a little concerned that we didn't put any airholes into that plastic bag! Hopefully he will be moved along soon so he will be able to get some air.
The weather was fantastic and we managed to find 10 Geocaches!!

Here's a Bunny hiding one he found all on his own. Some of them are too high up for him to reach but this one was all his.

If you have no idea what Geocaching is - and lets face it, you probably wont - then click on the links in the side bar here - there is a great talk through of it. Or check out the website:

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  1. I looked into geocaching a while ago after reading about it in your blog. My GPS arrived today and my son and I went out and found our first one this evening. There aren't that many in Shetland but we are looking forward to looking on holiday too. Thanks for the fun!