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Monday, 27 April 2009

Who would have thought that parsley was so interesting.

It's been a long while since I've had that sunny day feeling but it happened this weekend and, as a result, I did what everyone else does on such days and went to the garden centre. There is something so uplifting about all those damp, buddy plants in peak condition all offering to be '3 for £5.00'! In the end I came home with two big terracotta pots for my blueberry bushes, some sweetpeas and three other little plants for the pots outside the front door. I planted, pruned and generally had a lovely time.

Then I watered. I watered the vegetables seedlings which are pushing through in the new patch and watered my very large parsley plant which is in a scrubby bed next to the house. There you are ...... see? a very big clump of parsley right under the boiler flue thingy. Lovely position. Ha Ha.
So I squirted the hose at it ..... and a blooming duck shot out!!
We gave each other such a fright! She scattered across the lawn and took off over the fence. Flap...flap...flap....
Bearing in mind that the boys had been playing football all afternoon and our garden is NOT big - three small kids playing ball takes up the whole lawn.
Behind the bush I found...

Twelve totally perfect new eggs! I would just like to stress that we have no pond. There is no pond. The nearest pond is about a mile away and we live surround by houses, fences, gates so why oh why she chose our garden is a matter for some confusion.
She flew off and didn't come back last night. I checked at about midnight but she hadn't come back. I really thought she might have abandoned them. Did they get too cold? Can the eggs survive without her on them? I felt awful because it was me who scared her so much. But, this morning she was sitting back on them and has been there all day - thank goodness. I'll be keeping you posted!


  1. Made she had heard about The Warren and figured yours was a safe place to lay her clutch????

  2. Perhaps you should build a pond quick or get a plastic baby bath and fill it with water. I passed a pond on the village green this morning with at least 30 ducklings swimming around. Don't let the snake near the nest

  3. lol interesting post! Hopefully the duck will be back soon and you'll have cute lil ducklings!