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Saturday, 30 May 2009

More News From Holland.

The Warren is thrilled to have heard from Little Spotty bunny who went to Holland with Neon Bunny - and some lovely pictures have arrived too. They were once again alarmed to see the snake - as they are wary of such slithery things after the nasty incident with Sock Snake and Widget but its obvious from the picture that this snake is much friendlier. Phew!

Below is Little Spotty's letter:

Hello bunnies back at The Warren,

here is a mail from your friend Little Spotty!
Since yesterday I live in Schiedam.
That's in The Netherlands.
I like it here, but I miss you bunnies.
Luckily I'm not the only sockbunny in Schiedam.
Neon lives here too!
His owner and mine are friends, so I can see Neon sometimes.
For a few days I lived with Neon and his new friends.
I don't live there any more, because I was a birthday present for Tessa (that's the friend of Neons owner).
I think Tessa likes me. :)
She love it when I tickle her cheeks with my ears and she lets me snuggle in her pockets.
I've made some new friends as you can see on the pictures!


Little Spotty and Tessa

It's so exciting that she is having a good time - the bunnies back here miss her too though. They miss all the 'bought bunnies' and love it when they get letters and photos back. It looks as though Snake isn't her only new pal though! This picture is her with Mr Jummy. I had to assure the bunnies (they really are a bit silly sometimes) that those teeth weren't for nibbling ears and that he was really quite friendly.

Little Spotty getting to know some of the other residents in her new home.

A great way to travel for a bunny when she is all hopped out!

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