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Saturday, 25 July 2009


.... a baby sock bunny! Lisel is so proud of Baby Meep and can't wait to show you her. She is called Meep because that is the little noise she makes. It will be up to the new bunny owner to give her a more appropriate name.

Lisel is not the only bunny to have had a baby - there will be some more appearing in the shop later on today so hop along and take a look in The Bunny Shop on Folksy.com
We have a Daddy Bunny too ....

This is Morgan and his son. He is very pleased to have a boy to carry on the family strawberry growing business. It will be a long time before this little boy can earn the family crest though - a long apprenticeship in the art of fruit production.


  1. Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhh to Lisel & Meep! I love Morgan's berry bottom - very cheeky!

  2. Lisel and Beep are coming to live up north with me and my sockimals! hope they like puss cats as I have two who keep all the other sockimals in order. x