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Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Missing Carrot and a lost baby..

Oh no! The missing carrot! The lovely Blissknits won a free carrot when she bought Checker Bun during my 100th Bunny Sale Promotion and the carrot didn't arrive! I'm sure I put it in which only means one thing - Checker Bun ate is in transit!!!

She looks so innocent though. All the bunnies are under strict instructions NOT to eat the carrots but she did get held up during postage so perhaps the carroty smell got too much.

Anyway - a new carrot was hastily dispatched. Just as I was packing it up I felt a little tickle against my wrist. Looking down I saw a very small, very sad baby bunny! Checker Bun had gone off without her baby! How awful!
I quickly made a warm nesting bag for Baby Pinky and settled her into a travelling box with the carrot.

I really am going to have to be much more careful from now on! A mummy going off without her baby will not do! There are lots of babies appearing at The Warren making it a very hectic, noisy and bouncy place. I'm going to have to implement some kind of system so babies don't get separated from their parents.


  1. Ahhh that's so kind of you. My niece will love the bunnies, they're for her 24th birthday in a couple of weeks. I hope the bunnies have their passports ready, they're off to Australia soon!

    How about bunny reins to keep the babies from hopping away?!

  2. Baby Pinky looks so scared, I'm glad she's off to be with her mummy again

  3. I think you might have to start tying their ears together! Oh dear - that sounds like something Percy Grower would suggest...