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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

And the Half an Acre Coffee Award goes to ......

*SLURP* I do love coffee, but it has to be proper coffee - not that Nescafe Gold Blend rubbish that is an insult to coffee beans the world over, but real, brewed in a plungey-jug coffee...

So, after extensive research (slurp....slurp) I have decided to award The Half an Acre Coffee Award to Lavazza for it's Crema Gusto coffee! No matter how many others I try, I always come back to this brand. I like it very, very hot, and very strong, which is why I always leave half a cup. I am known for leaving half a cup, because, half way down, it is not very, very hot anymore!
Obvious! DUH.
Once that cup has been given to me,I take ownership and I can do as I like with it and that includes LEAVING HALF OF IT!!
(Not that I'm getting defensive or anything......).


  1. Hi Anna
    I've matched you up with The French Bear for the letter swap, and I've created the link on my blog post which lists the swap partners.
    Happy writing!
    D x

  2. Hi Anna, we will have to get some reading and emailing going so we can figure out what we should write about!!! He he....... so far, spiders and coffee, and I think I saw a few boys in some pictures!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. I agree with the coffee - I love it and there is nothing better than a proper cup of coffee, not the watery stuff you get in most place. But instead of the plunger you should try the Bialetti - makes the best coffee!