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Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Little Cosmos Bunny sent the Warren this lovely message yesterday! Thank you Cosmos, everyone is thrilled that you have such a lovely new home and that you getting to do some gardening.

Dear Bunny Maker,

I arrived safely at May Cottage back in July and suprised Laura on her Birthday. I am living with Rich and Laura and dog who I really like, they let me watch the Tour de France which is great fun!

I've been playing in tthe garden, reading and even gone on holiday to Northern Ireland where I met two big dogs who made me laugh when they play football!

I've been in the garden lots helping Rich grow the tomatoes and just look at my sunflower, think Widget might like a look at that!!

I hope you are all well and happy at the Warren!
Love to everyone,

Cosmos xo

Widget is very, very jealous of the sunflower as his is, between you and me, pants! It still hasn't flowered as is certainly not 'giant' as it said on the packet.

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