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Sunday, 6 September 2009


The new bunnies are flooding into The Warren! It is turmoil here - everyone having to move this way and that to make room for them all. A few bunnies have left though over the last two days - not in a huff or anything but because they are off to new homes. One of them was Weeny Woo who went off to stay with our great friends over at Hotdog and Me. 'Me' has just had a baby so the bunnies tucked in a little suprise for her into Weeny's travelling box.....

Congratulations 'Me' on the birth of little Robbie!

A couple more 'winter' bunnies hopped in the other day to. They were very keen to get into the shop but have been told to 'hang on a minute' whilst they had their pictures taken and The Bunny Maker made a space for them.

This is Scurry (on the right) and Snow (on the left). They are wearing their fuzzy winter coats as they told me they could smell winter approaching. I'm not convinced but they are very welcome at The Warren even if they are getting a little too warm in their burrows.


  1. Hello Bunnies, Pudding has settled in here in Wiltshire and there is a picture of him in the garden talking to my 'little girl' You can tell from her face that she likes Pudding. Luckily Pudding came in last night before it started to rain.
    He likes porridge, did you know that, we have just shared a bowl. Right off to wash up, and clean off Pudding!

  2. The are so cute. Biddle has posted his letter!