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Friday, 18 September 2009

How not to choose a pet ....

Ah yes, a 'How no to' post! If you want to read more about doing things quite wrong, just click on the sidebar link. There are quite a few posts...... haha.
Today's subject is 'How not to choose a pet'.

At Half an Acre we don't 'do pets' very well. It started with the stick insects, which are probably the most boring pets on the planet, as they don't move, make a noise, bite or even smell. They hang around all day pretending to be, er, sticks. If you scare one, it drops off its twig and pretends to be a dead stick. They live for around one year, at the end of which they give up eating until they shrivel up and become dried-up sticks. They are also nocturnal. This means that you have to set your alarm for 3am if you want to see them move. Boring. Boring. Boring. But, me, being me, got a kind of kick out of that and I loved them.

Now we have another pet. Here he is .....

Yup - a spider. He is living in our bath. He has been there around 2 weeks and is very comfy thank you very much. Notice anything? That's right, he only has six legs, the result of my middle son trying to get him out of the bath. So now he's staying put. He's built a lovely web around the place, and there is his leaf (which blew in the open bathroom window) and he has his two fallen-off legs artistically arranged around the place. There is also his collection of 'debris'. You know, dead, sucked dry things.

NEWSFLASH! At this point I would like to interject and point out that we do have two other showers and another whole bathroom so we DO NOT SMELL.

I nearly moved him once but me, being me, thought that he looked kinda at home and thought I'd just let him be. He is only a six-legged spider, how can he survive out in the world?

So, there you have it, how not to choose a pet. Don't choose a weird pet which makes anyone visiting your house look at you strangely. Do not choose a pet whose existence might compromise your personal hygiene. Do not keep stick insects because they are boring as hell and do not keep a disabled spider in your bath because that is just a little odd.


  1. Does this mean your shower has a big yellow picture of a wheelchair painted on it?

  2. HA! bless him, your bath rather than mine........

  3. I have these house spiders in my house too. I think it is said that a house with spiders have got good air in it.. If not no small creatures wants to live there - only big silly ones.. like humans :)

    I have them under my bath usually though..
    tell him I said hi!

  4. I am always happy if someone lets any kind of creature lead its little life. I have actually have a stick insect outside my house. Named it Frankie (goes to Hollywood). He keeps coming back.
    And there is a toad, Dr. Bernstein. It likes digging itself into my flowerbed. Blinks at me here and there. Today when after I was leaving for a short time he came out and sat close to a fly. I guess it became diner for him. Dr. Bernstein now disappeared. I am hoping he will come back.
    Anyway, good for you to let the 6-legged spider live.