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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Little Spotty is a busy bun!

One of The Warren's top penpals is Little Spotty who went to live in Holland with the lovely Tessa. Tessa also bought Neon Bunny who she then gave to a friend. Neon Bunny is also very good at staying in touch! The other day we got another email from Little Spot ....
Hello Bunnies!
Here is an e-mail from your friend who lives in The Netherlands!
I love living with Tessa, I've got nice friends, I can see Neon and Tessa takes me with her when she goes outside.
A few days ago she took me to a very big museum in The Hague. But before we went, Tessa packet her camera bag.

She let me sit in that bag next to the camera as you can see in the pictures. She also let me take a picture of her but unfortunately I forgot to take of the cap of the camera lens, so the picture is all black. Tessa told me that I might get my own little camera! In the museum I saw some beautiful things. There was painting with a lot of pink. Exact the same pink as me! Also I saw a very famous painting called Victory Boogie Woogie painted by Mondriaan. Tessa told me that he is a very famous painter.

Also I've seen some sculptures made of glass. I hopped out of Tessa's bag and I posted with the sculptures. When Tessa saw that, she laughed and told me that I'm not a really a museum object.

I had a wonderful time! When we went home I heard Tessa saying something about going to a zoo..........

Lots of love from
Little Spotty and Tessa

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