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Monday, 14 September 2009

The Warren wonders what to do ...

After yesterday Murky is still to be found on The Bunny Makers laptop. He was there all night. The bunnies brought him sandwiches and cake, which he did nibble at, but he hasn't really eaten for the last 8 hours.
This morning he was found wielding a pair of craft pliers dangerously near the computer screen.

He was very, very upset and after calming him down it was discovered that he'd seen the latest post on NiftyKnits' blog. It seems that the lonely Meerkat, who has so captured his attention, is being courted by another suitor! All the bunnies crowded round and it was decided that her head actually had been photo-shopped onto the other picture. Murky was not to be comforted.
There wasn't much else to say so The Bunny Maker left him pining at the screen and went out to do some chores.

When she came back this is what she found .....

Murky was reading about the different outfits she had being trying on to try and make herself prettier in hope of finding love.
"She's beautiful," he sighed. "I just like her in that purple dress that I first saw her in, she doesn't need anything else."

The laptop being covered in a shrine of plastic flowers clogging up the keyboard is not very helpful, even irritating. The Bunny Maker is starting to wonder if she ought to let this little lonely meerkat know that she has already caught the imagination of someone.
"She could do worse than Murky," she said, quietly to herself.

Something needed to be done.


  1. rofl (but very quietly and kindly)

    loving the flowers in the keyboard - oh bunny maker - could Murky be the answer to a little meerkat's dreams?

  2. This is cuter than cute! Nifty's meerkats always leave me smiling, and this article is very creative! :-)

  3. Love you Bunnies:-) Brownbunnybyiris

  4. What a creative post! I love those little meerkats! Hope the poor lonely Murky finds his soulmate :)