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Thursday, 15 October 2009


Today my workroom was too full. Not full of useful things but full of mess. Mess made by me. I tidy the place up and then fling stuff randomly around. It was so bad today that I couldn't even function in it. The picture shows my desk but AFTER I tidied it!
Notice (or rather, don't) that there is Farm Ville up on my lappy...

Everything started splurging in the hall too....

You know when everything around you just feels icky, itchy and in the way? Everywhere I stepped I knocked something and the floor was covered in robots and rockets!

Finally I decided to go out. Properly out. Not out of the room but out of the whole house. Things to do, you see. I got dressed. Yes, I hadn't done that yet. I got all ready and then it happened ..... I went blank. What was I going out for? What was it I needed to get? Could I remember? No. So I sat back down in my pickled and chaotic room feeling grimy and useless, having stepped my way there on a strip of bubble wrap, making it go pop .... pop ... pop, several jiffy bags and an assortment of scrap paper.
The only up-side of this day is that the boxes arrived for the mobiles.


  1. Quite a contrast to come here after posting about anti-minimalism on another blog. I am not fastidious about tidiness, but I can't work in a room, on a desk, that is cluttered, and never have. There is something attractive about chaos though....

  2. My tidy is much messier than yours so I can't imagine how hideous my messy must look!

  3. thanks ever so much for my beautiful chickens that arrived today ,i love them very much, they will now adorn my much cluttered kitchen in a small clear space of their own x x x

  4. In case you get around to reading this and are interested, I am organising a Christmas-themed swap over on my Three R's blogspot.

  5. Great someone elses workspace looks like mine - busy!