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Friday, 18 December 2009


I had a message last week from Twiglet Bunny. He has spent the last year being loved and loved, loved and loved and now his ear was very sore. Could he come and be mended at The Bunny Hospital? Of course!
He arrived .... a little worse for wear, I have to say. In fact he was squashed. Not squashed a little bit but squashed flat! Oh perish the thought of sorting office rollers and heavy stacked parcels!

We brought him round with a little dash of JD. He'd had such a traumatic journey.

After he'd come round and had a little snooze Widget showed him round the 'Mending Room'.

Twiglet was quite scared of the sewing machine but Widget told him that his ear didn't need to be sewn using it. The Bunny Maker would be 'very gentle' and sew him by hand. Twiglet wanted more whiskey. The Bunny Maker said No.

Widget decided that he was to choose 'the new sleeping bag' for Twiglet who had arrived without one and was shivering a little. Unfortunately Widget is a messy little bunny and threw sock bits this way and that until The Bunny Maker got fed up and shut him out of the way.

Below is Twiglet just after having his ear fixed, he was a little woozy and passed out shortly afterwards. He was put to bed.

Twiglet is all fixed now, parcelled up, ready to be sent back home for Christmas.
He has with him:
A fixed ear, a new cosy sleeping bag, two carrots, a bag of chocolate, a mended sleeping bag and a new sleeping bag for Spotty Bunny who also lives with him.

Widget was going to take him to the post office today but he seems to have gone missing. Widget, that is. The Bunny Maker looked out his hat, made by Sock Monkey Gang, but can't find him anywhere. Perhaps he has gone Christmas shopping?


  1. aww poor Twiglet had such a traumatic day! Looks like that bunny is very happy now.

  2. Lots of 'Aaaawww's when reading that! Poor Twiglet. Glad he is all better now. I hope Widget comes home soon!

  3. Glad to hear Twiglet is better, hope Widget turns up soon.

  4. Thank you so much for mending poor Twiglet's much loved ears. Spotty and my son are missing him lots and lots. We can't wait to have him back home x

  5. best wishes to Twiglet and a safe journey home. When our chaps need their injuries fixed they are anesthetised by a gold number 26 x stitch needle. And then gently sewn back together. Biddle has had to have several lots of major surgery in his 40+ years;

    Hope Widget turns up soon

  6. Hotdog was really worried about Twiglet, but I have convinced him that everything is alright now so he has gone to chew on a bone.

  7. Twiglet is home and in one piece - many many thanks. Both twiglet and spotty slept well last night tucked up in two sleeping bags apiece. Well "if you're going to go out int hte snow you need to wear two pairs of socks" wisw words from my three year old I think.

  8. *bless*

    I'm glad to see lots of grown women (myself included) can find time in their busy schedules to read (and write!) about bunny trauma ;-)

  9. LOL-the JD was obvious a great success. Glad that Twiglet is all set and ready to return home.