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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tally Bun finds a new home

How exciting! The bunnies here at The Warren have heard from Tally Bunny who has gone to live in Alabama, USA. She sent us lots of lovely pictures and news of her arrival in her new home.

It was Pretty chilly in my new location in USA, but I was greeted with a hot cup of tea right away! Next, I was greeted by the elder bun of the house, Daisy, who was very thoughtful not to chew my ears. He seems sweet though.

I also met a couple of puppies who looked at me like I was dinner, so I scurried off quickly!
I just had to see the front garden. It was a cold, rainy day, and unfortunately the flowers have gone for now, but looks like we have a great starter garden. I understand there will be another made in the spring just for wild flowers! How wonderful!

I noticed my new family has all the decorations up for the Holidays, and I insisted that my picture be made in front of the "fancy tree!." It was so pretty!
Well, I'm taking a nap now. I think I may have jet-lag! These are my friends Bun and Henryetta keeping me company so I don't fall off the big bed! I heard a new one just my size is on the way!

Ah ha! I found the cookie jar, so all is well!

Thank you, Tally! We are all so pleased that you have a great home to explore - send us more news soon....


  1. Looks like Tally Bun is really settling in

  2. What great new friends and a great new family! So lucky are you that no one chewed your ears or decided you were dinner.
    Best bunny wishes,
    Shell and the bunnies