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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tally's Christmas in Alabama

Tally Sockbunny went to live all the way across the Atlantic in Alabama - she was a little nervous to go all that way but has settled in really well. The bunnies back here are veeeeery envious of her new bed though.

TJ's bed finally came in and she tried the bottom bunk first and we had to pry her from between the frames with butter. Apparently she has been sneaking into the Holiday goodies at night! She wanted to have her bed right in front of the tree so she could catch Santa Claws, but slept right through his visit.

She was awakened by Sam though just in time to open gifts!

TJ was so excited she had to wake the fish to tell them Merry Christmas too!

She checked several gifts looking for hers and finally found it. The bow was a little tight but she got it open.

Books! Now she can sit up and read at night instead of snacking, otherwise we would have send her back overseas to be refitted for a new sleeping bag!

Happy Holidays everyone!
Rhonda Smith

P.S. In case you wondered, Tally got a middle name so she would fit in with the rest of the Southerner's here! She loves it!

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