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Thursday, 14 January 2010


Seriously, I'm sick of you.  Go Away......

Our back garden yesterday.

You've filled our little village right up to the brim, which was kinda nice to start with.  School was shut, we all made igloos and thawed out with hot chocolate at neighbours houses, socks and gloves dripping on the radiators.
It was okay when you were all compacted because the car could cope.  Now you're turning to slush, and there is 8" of you slushing around outside our house and the car HATES you and won't go through you and just whirrs and groans, it's tyers spinning and spinning.  I can't go ANYWHERE.
I bet you're going to freeze tonight.  GNNNNNNNnnnnnn.
And the school will be shut.
And I have work to do.
Which means that the kids will be allowed to play 'with screens'.
Meaning they will meld to the playstation and bicker.

Enough already!

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  1. I have had enough too. My school tutoring keeps getting cancelled