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Sunday, 28 February 2010


We are pleased to announce that the sock bunny beds are now in the shop.  Available in blue and pink - with lovely spotty bits - they also come with a soft mattress and comfy pillow.

They have been designed to stack too - so you can do the bunk bed thing.  The bunnies have been stacking them up to see how high they can go and the answer is .... pretty high!
The Easter Sock Bunnies have been arriving - bouncing around the place, getting the others over-excited with talk of chocolate and egg-hunting.  They look a bit like cup cakes, don't they?

They are telling everyone that they are 'extra special' and 'limited' so we are guessing that that means there won't be that many of them.  In fact, The Bunny Maker put four into the shop a day or two ago and three have gone to new homes already!  Quick! Quick!  You're going to have to be quick especially as they all come with a little drawstring bag of choccy eggs!

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