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Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Bunny Maker gets more new stuff

It has certainly been a very exciting month at The Warren.  What with a new workroom and now .... a kitchen revamp.  As soon as The New Burrow was finished a whole shebang of shelves were built in the kitchen. The Bunny Maker is in seventh heaven but this does makes her wonder what the other six are all about though.

The ones on the left still need to be painted white but all the plates and kerfuffle had to be put onto it as it was way too tempting.  It has all got to come off again this week - but who cares, it was eighth heaven loading it all on.  (Son No.3 is eating chicken, in case you are interested). The other shelves ....

..are made from sanded scaffold boards which will be waxed using wire wool later on.  The white, beachy washed out look is lovely but Mr Bunny Maker wants the waxing for 'durability and protection'.  Yawn.
Tomorrow, work starts on scaffold board shelves all down the wall of the new workroom.  This is almost too much for the Bunny Maker and she has nearly burst with joy spray-painting all the baskets to line up on them.  These Montana Gold paints from Graff-City are possible the most amazing discovery ever for the BM.  She has been spraying everything - chairs, baskets, old storage drawers, bunny beds etc.  It dries in seconds and covers EVERTHING.  There are 180 (yes, one hundred and eighty) colours to choose from.  It is almost too much. Ninth heaven indeed.

To celebrate all this newness there is going to be a caption competition coming soon.  The prize will be a custom bunny of your choice.  The BM will announce it shortly....... over and out.


  1. Look at all that storage! Sigh ...

  2. Yup - i'm the contents of all the old daggy kitchen cupboards are going on it to show Mr BM that we can rip it all out and have some nice free-standing units. Saucepans on slated shelves - you know the kind of thing! I want a County Living Kitchen and i'm going to get one!

  3. It is organizing heaven! I think one of the most amazing passions of a crafter is their desire for the most awesome storage!
    I love it when a plan comes together like that. I too would be so excited I would want to put everything up too!

  4. I am in awe of the books in the kitchen... are the ALL cookbooks??? that would be one of my heaven levels right there.

  5. no, not cookbooks. They are the all my 10yr old's books - we read them too.

  6. Hi, Love what you've done with your kitchen. We're about to put scaffold shelves up, after sanding them. I was wondering where did you get your baskets from? The seem the right size for scaffold shelves - narrow.