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Thursday, 25 March 2010


The bunnies are getting well into this Ice Hockey thing after the Bunny Maker took a custom order last week for two hockey bunnies.  They are skating around the wooden floors of The Warren using teaspoons for sticks and a button for a puck.

Ice Hockey custom made sock bunnies

The Bunny Maker isn't minding too much as it all seems to be having a very good polishing affect on the floor.  Although they have just been caught trying to cram a tray filled with water into the freezer ........

Ice hockey custom ordered sock bunny

These two bunnies were a custom order for Rachel from Brian Sherbert Clothing Designs on Folksy.  She plays Ice Hockey and wanted a bunny in her team colours and one for her BF too.
Custom orders are available through the Bunny Shop on folksy.  Just send the Bunny Maker a message.