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Saturday, 6 March 2010


Widget went to Madeira with The Bunny Maker and her family over half term.  It was windy!  Actually it was very windy and very wet and half the island got washed away.  In the picture is Funchal. See all those browny bits in the sea? That the mud that got swept down in all the rain and torrential river water.

On one of the days everyone got in the cable car in Funchal to ride up to the Botanical Gardens at Monte.  Widget found this quite exhilarating!  His ears got quite out of control...


The gardens were amazing (and wet) but held all sorts of alarming things for a small bunny.  Widget got into quite a few tight spots ...


He just wouldn't let go.  Widget squeaked and squeaked "A mad Japanese man has got hold of me! Help!" and there was much commotion as The Bunny Maker tried to release the vice-like grip.  It was all a bit odd.

Shortly after this picture was taken that stone rabbit head-butted Widget!  You would never have thought that an exhibition of African art could be dangerous.

He really does only have himself to blame.  He insisted on trying to creep up on these lions .... hehad to hide in The Bunny Maker's pocket for ages afterwards.

It was dark and a little spooky in the crystal exhibition.  The big blocks of spikey rocks were all a bit menacing for a bunny. 


He needed a restorative beer after the visit - for medicinal purposes.
The rest of the holiday was quite peaceful for Widget - just hanging out with The Bunny Maker - well, actually hiding in her bag for quite a bit of it as Madeira is very mountainous and the driving pretty hair-raising!  He didn't see any bunnies there either - perhaps it is all to rocky for burrowing.
He is glad to be home now -having missed all his Warren chums quite a bit - he brought them a Madeira cake to share. 


  1. OH wow! I'm glad you didn't get washed away - it wouldn't be the same in Blogland without Widget!! Hope you had a good time though....!

  2. what an adventure! I bet widget was a very tired bunny when he got home!

  3. Glad you arrived safely home. You ust be careful Widget... one of theses days...

  4. That looks like a very scary place for a little bunny - but weren't you brave!