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Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Bunny Maker's Shelf Heaven.

I am in shelf heaven.  All the sawing and banging, sanding and waxing is over.  The shelves are all up and everything is on them.  Look ...

Sock Bunny Maker's home

Gaze upon their beauteous shelfiness..........

Sock Bunny Maker's kitchen at home

Added to this heaven, The Burrow shelves are also finished...

Sock Bunny Maker's studio workroom

and I am all moved in and organized ....

Sock Bunny Maker's studio workroom

I'm sitting at that desk right now!
The boys don't seem to mind that their playroom has quartered in size either.  Summer is on it's way and they will be outside most of the time then.  Trouble is, our right-hand neighbours have stolen all our footballs ...... a story for another day.


  1. Footballs: are those the round ones with black & white hexagons & pentagons??

  2. hmmmm yes,sometimes but they can be bright yellow with no hexagons and pentagons.

  3. I have shelf envy!! Not alowed to put shelves up in our house :(