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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New shop on Etsy = Giveaway time!

Widget and Friends has been on Etsy a little while now, but in a quiet, still, kind of way.  Not anymore!  The bunnies are all rushing into the shop there - eager to join some of their cousins who have already gone to live in America.  So ... to mark this new .. er, new thingy, a bunny bed is up for grabs.  Not just any bunny bed but one in your choice of colour, with your choice of bed linen and ..... your choice of bunny!  So much choice, how will you choose!

You can see the beds listed in the shop - see them stacked, see them in lilac :D

This is what you need to do.

1:  Estimate how many Thock Thnake eyeballs there in the the eyeball jar
2:  Become a fan of Widget Sockbunny on Facebook

Then post on the fan page:

A) You eyeball estimate
and your answer to this question
B)  How would you look after your sock bunny if you were the winner?


Closing date: Wednesday 28th April at 4pm GMT

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