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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Best Stripey Monsters

The Bunny Maker came home the other day and found these little fellows on her doorstep.

They said they had come from The Stripey Monster Shop having heard that The Warren was a place full of weird and wonderful creatures who had a lovely life having adventures with The Bunny Maker.
The BM immediately welcomed them with squeals of delight and rushed them off to have a celebratory coffee and cake with Widget.  Into her bag they went and off to the cafe.

On the way to the cafe the monsters told The BM that their friend Clement had been left back in the shop and they missed him.  She screeched the car back round, headed back home ....

..... and bought him too!  Now she is worried that Dexter looks a bit lonely there in the shop.  Well, we can't be having lonely monsters now, can we?


  1. Don't tell mummy. The sofa is stretched enough as it is with all of us on it!

    What are they all called?


  3. What lovely eyes they all have - very pretty monsters!!

  4. Mr Shaggy on the left is adorable - it's a super shop!