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Friday, 7 May 2010

Munkeh Bunny gets a warm welcome in Ann Arbor, USA

Hi Widget and Bunny Maker,
I am writing on behalf of all the plushies in the house.
Munkeh arrived last week (April 27), making wonderful time considering the volcano ash.
Munkeh got a warm (and somewhat confusing) welcome from the gang  (George, Gund, and Nigel). Gund actually was not confused by the mix of Monkey and Bunny since he is a Rhino with a monkey for best friend.  
The Ann Arbor Dashing Daring Danish Bunny Sled Team came around to welcome Munkeh as well, they are excited to see what wonderful ideas and skills he will bring to the team.  

 In honour of Munkeh's arrival they had tasty treats from a special cupcake shop, Cake Nouveau.

Fridays are known as Pintday for us since Nigel (our PG Tips monkey) joined us from England 3 years ago.  Nigel felt that taking Monkeh with us on Pintday was only right since he is from England to and might enjoy a pint.   We started the day with a 'Biggest Biggby Coffee' and toasted dounut. 

Nigel loves Biggby's. One of his good friends is Biggby Bob Fish, CEO and Co-founder.  At Naner Lady's work Nigel actually offered to share a naner snack,  he must really be taking to Munkeh.  

After The Hand and Naner Lady are out of work Pintday really begins, and Munkeh is introduced to our tradition at our favorite townie tavern... Casey's.  

Of course Nigel has to show off to Monkeh that he is a celebrity because all the staff know him.  I'm not sure what he thought of it all, there is a lot to take in when being shown around by such a pal as Nigel.
Munkeh will be exploring the arboreum with the Naner Lady as the weather gets nicer.  I think the calm walks might be more his pace.

Thank you for the wonderful addition to our home,
Kate (Naner Lady)

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