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Monday, 19 July 2010

The Doodle Schmoodle Project - Day 1

I love to doodle so it seemed fitting, meet and right to join in the Betty's Place Doodle Schmoodle Project. Betty's Place is home to all sorts of kitschy buttons and fandangles and is run by my lovely online pal Chantal of Hotdogandme fame. Every day for a month Chantal will post a doodle page for you to print and fill in with your wandering pen.  This is today's ....

And I began rather cheerily....

And realized that that what I would LIKE to look like but not what I actually feel I look like.  So I did another ...

Now I look like a melon-cauliflower.  The words say 'You have too much hair' and I may or may not have added the two tears for dramatic effect.  I wonder if my default state of being is a bit morose.  No wonder I need so many happy, bouncy bunnies in my life!

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