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Monday, 9 August 2010

The Handmade Bunny

The days are getting shorter and shorter and I've even started getting up with the 'term time' alarm at 7.15.  What is going on?  Shall I tell you?  Oh, okay.  The Handmade Bunny is what is going on.

It whilst I was driving.  When I drive I get bothered by ideas, so many sometimes that I have to whap on Radio 5 to stop them coming.  I was driving, it was nice and quiet and I had the most almighty and mahoosive idea of ideas.  An online shop selling only lovely handmade bunny design things, with all money donated to The Rabbit Welfare Fund.  'Handmade help for real-life rabbits' was a phrase which just came (hopped) into my head.
Pet gifts sometimes reach depths of tackiness that I wish I didn't know existed. 

If you own a t-shirt like this I er ... no, I don't apologise.  Burn it.

That night I contacted as many handmade sellers I could find who created bunny inspired things, got the name sorted out, had an offer of donated graphics and bought the domain. 

That was three weeks ago - and, by the end of this week, the website will be ready.  It is live so the people who have donated to the RWF to be listed on it can see how it progresses and check their stuff is listed correctly.

Today it looks like this...

Tomorrow it will look different!  Take a peek for yourself, I have already uploaded a few of the sellers.  Alongside beautiful bunny stuff will be information about how to look after a pet rabbit, how to feed them, which wild foods you can pick for free, where to buy the best bunny products.  There will also be interviews with the sellers and I will be publishing guest writers too.  One of the catagories is 'The Handmade Zoo' where I have, and will be, adding some other animal things from the sellers.

The site is still being built and I have a huge mountain to climb this week, before I'm off on holiday (with NO INTERNET ACCESS) and will have to find an internet cafe to keep on top of things.  I have no idea why I'm blogging now - I have a website to launch ........... *shazooooooom*  (that's me going, btw!)

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