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Monday, 6 September 2010

Time to catch up!

Where did that summer go?  Wahoooosh! ... and it was gone!  We caught 1472 crabs in total for 2010 and balanced a lot of stones....

Now it's all back to school again. My biggest little boy has started secondary school....


Things around The Warren have been a-happening too.  Since we have had Nosy and Spike, our bunnies, they have been slowly taking over.  Not content with their big hutch and two runs, the conversion is now finished!!  LOOK!

Dun ... dun ...duuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.  Bunny Heaven! 

The junk-holding Wendy house is now their *ahem* bedroom, with a weatherproof tunnel through to the ..er ... living room.

Inside the 'bedroom' is another hutch, £15 off ebay (bargainous bargain).  It's way too small to ever have housed a rabbit (shudder) but is perfect to fill with hay for them to cosy into on cold nights.

The 'living room' has a big shelfy thing which I will spend many happy an hour arranging ramps and ledges, hiding places, and sniffing holes around.

I couldn't resist, a big, wet patch of concrete?  Custom drawn floor by The Bunny Maker!  The whole shebang cost twice as much as originally quoted, as these things always do.  But, might as well do it properly, eh?
*shakes piggy bank pointlessly*
All it needs now is lots of runways, boxes, planks, hay, food, water and .... bunnies!


  1. its fantastic! just wish i was allowed something like that! then again i'd have no garden left and i do like my rhurbarb!

  2. What a fantastic set-up. The bunnies are going to love it! And that hutch was a real bargain too :) xx