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Friday, 31 December 2010

A quiet festive season? - Part 1

As most people settle down for a restful Christmas, putting aside crafting and making, I rev up with a vengeance.  The coffee table had to change.  It was brown, it was boring, it was old and we didn't like it much at all and kept telling it so.  As is my way, I decided to start on Christmas Eve.  Yup.

I bought the papers as a PDF download from LilliBimble on Etsy - had a play with the colours, and got Mr Bunny Maker to print them off at work (heee heee).

Snip, stick, snip, stick ... Ta daaaaaaa....

It will need many many coats of varnish, because I always slop wine and coffee on it.  The feet have very neat sticky-backed plastic covering to protect the paper edges.

It now looks much better in the living room ..

So, what's Part 2?  You'll have to wait ......