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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

In which The Warren gets bigger ..

We have an addition to The Warren.  The Bunny Maker went to the pet shop and tried very hard not to give a home to any unwanted bunnies there.  It was hard.  Very hard, especially as there was a beautiful 14 month old girl.  Her owner had to pay out £200 in dental bills because she fed her the wrong food and all the teeth had grown too long and painful.  She stormed back to the pet store and dumped the bunny back on them!  It makes me veerrrry angry - but, I won't go into that.  Today is for celebration!

Welcome to Scooter!

He's a 5 month old male Chinese Dwarf Hamster.  He was up for re-homing as no-one had bought him or seemed to want him.  I have no idea why because he is adorable, gentle and sweet. He has no inclination to nip or bite and, as seen in the picture, likes to sleep under his wheel (which I removed to take the pic).  He's not what I went in for but he's what I came out with!!

Wake up Scooter!

Mr Bunny Maker is NOT amused.  He muttered about 'animals ALL over the place' but was told to stop being so horrible by all three Bun Sons, and it was pointed out to him that Scooter's house is about the size of our bread machine and he, himself, is no larger than a plum.  In the face of the truth of such minimal impact, Mr Bunny Maker, not having a leg to stand on, humphed off with resignation, muttering about light snacks and toilet flushing. This elicited Bun Son squarkings of high volume and The Bunny Maker left them to it.


  1. Awwwww so cute! love hamsters! i had 6 at one point!

  2. Aww, Scooter is a poppet :))

  3. Scooter!!! You're so darn cute. I'm so pleased you have a lovely new home and hope you'll have a long, happy life.