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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Bunny Maker Gets Juicy ....

With Scurvy threatening we've gone juice-mad here at The Warren.  Anything that once languished on a branch or plunged it's roots into the ground, is now grated and pressed to glorious liquid goodness.  5-a-day?  Nah, we're on 11.

A cucumber hovers on the edge of a purposeful death, following the spinach, ginger and beetroot into a centrifugal whirlwind.

Thanks to Abel & Cole my kitchen is transformed in a greengrocers.  For those of you under 25, that was a shop, back in the old days, that only sold fruit and vegetables. Imagine.

I plunge and push, grin and whirr until I have ended up with twelve of these jewelled beauties...

Apple, spinach, ginger, beetroot and cucumber.  Carrot, apple, courgette and cabbage.  Pear, apple, ginger, beetroot and lemon.  On and on it goes until I filled 12 bottles in all.
I give some of the discarded fruit pulp to the chickens and the rest goes down the sink disposal chomper thing.  (More whirring and grinding and a nasty compulsion to put my hand down it to see just what would actually happen).

This is inadvisable and I suggest that, if you have a sink disposal chomper thing, you DO NOT DO THIS as you will get 'A Blockage'.  I got A Big Blockage.  Followed by A Small Flood and A Non-drained Dishwasher.  In fact The Warren was totally blocked up with fruit pulp, dirty dishwater water, a half-drained sink and, on removing the pipe under the sink, pulpy water flooding everywhere.

Meanwhile, in another part of the house, something else was being shredded and pulped.

Small, black, Spaniel; friendlier than a paper shredder; a lot more mess.

Tomorrow all the juicing starts again because I ordered a whole supermarket veg section and 12 bottles isn't the half of it.  Next week more will arrive.  Eeek

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