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Monday, 10 September 2012

The Bunny Maker mourns a little (or moans) ...

That last post was all hot air as far as I can see!  Getting back into blogging?  Jeeesh!  I wrote that back in January and it's now September.  Lame.
This is another 'back to blogging' post so we'll see how it all pans out then shall we?

Updates.  Yes, lets do those first.  Erm.  Where to start.  I nearly spent £300 on a giant metal chicken.  This is the most interesting update I have.  It think that is significant in the 'nearly' aspect.  If I hadn't have had to rely on a friend (you know who you are) to ferry the thing home then it would have been mine.  Said friend gave me a stern look and said "I am happy to ferry the chicken home but I just want you to know that I do not approve for your decision to spend £300 on a giant metal chicken."

Because of that I do not now own a giant metal chicken.

Why wouldn't anyone want one?  I mean, come on ..... What better use is there for £300?

On a chickeny subject, I have six new ones without daft names like the last crew.  Except for Daisy the Frizzle who came with her name already.  None of them are red or giant or metal but they do lay many, many eggs which, I guess, is more useful that standing around being giant and metal and probably being walked into because it is too giant and metal.


I didn't realise quite how much I am mourning the loss of a giant, metal chicken.  I shall sleep.  And come back.  Tomorrow.


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