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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

What's in a name .......

'Half an acre? Why?' I hear you ask!
Well, it is taken from a quote from a 1950's recording of Gardener's Question Time.
"No matter how small one's garden one should always set aside at least half an acre for wildflowers."
I say, old chap, thanks for the sterling advice!

Half an acre would be lovely, thank you very much, but, as it is, the Half an Acre garden in indeed quite small with a few weeds here and there. Obviously it has delusions of grandeur.

Anyone trying to name a company will know how hard it is. I find it slightly disconcerting that someone else thought of 'SlightlySquid'. How can that be? Two people, miles apart in the world, having the same random thought.


  1. Fun blog! I am bookmarking! Love your Etsy shop too. Lots of fun colorful things.

  2. Hi, I am checking out some of the forum blogs and I really love yours. I love your sense of humour regarding the "half and acre" quote...as if. I suppose they had bigger gardens in the fifties. Love your work - very colourful. I will be back to see more.