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Friday, 6 June 2008

My loved space..

This is where is all comes from! My lovely room ..... it's filled with paints, boxes, unpainted fish, a very annoying rug that moves around the floor even though it is under the table legs - you can see that pesky rug, right there if the left picture. See? It's trying to escape right now! There is also an assortment of carrot top ends (crunching on them is very meditative) and some old coffee mugs .... usually the carrot tops go into those ... I reckon, as it's my room, I can do these slightly scummy things in it! The sad thing is that I spend too much time arranging my things ... although, as you can see, the desk is not exactly tidy ... but I do then have the excuse that I'm 'tidying my workroom' and I can sneak off to have a few minutes peace.
That big black box, on the bookcase, is a kiln. I've been dabbling in PMC clay - doing children's fingerprints in the clay for friends, and making a few bits and pieces for myself. The paint chart up there is a Designer's Guild one - my favourite colours EVER for decorating - most of my house is painted in the colours and I use them for my fish, lizards, hearts and snakes. You can't beat them for purity of colour. On the far left, just above the paint pots, is a mosaic house number I've been making .... can you see the thing I mean? ..... like so many things it's still not finished ... I ran out of green tiles .. actually, I only needed 3 more ..... so there it sits, waiting to be finished to go into our porch. Under the desk is a box (large) of beading stuff, old tea towels (for wiping stuff with), tissue paper (for wrapping stuff), and some grass that came in on my feet after I'd mowed the lawn!
So ..... that's my room ... I could rabbit on for ages about it but I'll leave more ramblings for another day!
Keep checking back ...!


  1. Hey! I saw your post in the Etsy forums about converting your template to three columns. I did this a little less than a year ago using this tutorial:

    It's made specifically to convert the Blogger minima template. Give it a try, just remember to save all of your existing html in a .txt file before you start changing things up.

    Hope this helps,


  2. some of us find you on etsy! nice start!

  3. thanks livy - tried it - gave me three columns but the third was way down the page! also couldn't find some of the coding to couldn't change it! arghgghhghgh
    wish someone could just fix it for me! it would look sooo much better with three columns!

  4. Congrats, you did it! I loved looking into your loved space. It looks perfectly lovely. Very nice blog!

  5. love your work area. I like the vibrant colors you use in your designs. Enjoyed reading your blog today --saw it in an etsy post

  6. Fantastic space! so magic :)