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Sunday, 8 June 2008

It's funny what happens......

Last evening was beautiful - it had actually been a hot day for once - so everything went outside. As you can see I had a very nice glass of white wine! I had no intention of painting a canvas but these things just come over me as and when. The wine glass, empty *ahem*, stands of my middle son's school reading book. "Hey Presto", a thrilling tale in words of one syllable! On the left of the wine glass is a small, stripey sausage dog toy belonging to my youngest son. This is 'dog number 2' - number 1 is temporarily lost so this one is standing in. He loves them beyond all reason and kisses their noses constantly for comfort. Next to the jam jar of blue paint is a gardening glove. I used it to pull nettles out of a rosemary plant's pot earlier. There is also a tin of Spiderman Uno cards, the result of a son pestering for a game. I've dipped my paintbrush into a son's water cup! Well, it WAS right there! Also you'll see a blank canvas - perhaps a lizard pair - I don't know yet. So out of all that came this little lizard painting!

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