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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Beware the Butt-slap Elf.......

As promised........... but first I must answer a few questions! Yes, Florcita, the soup bowl did make it to the dishwasher. Chukka Stone, you may laugh but labels are next! Lemonshortbread, thank you for the ebay tip - I'm absolutely going to get some more! I've had a lovely amount of comments on here and I'd like to say 'Thank you' and 'I'm glad I've made you chuckle'.
Now ... the Butt-slap elf. Indeed. He's not alone. We also have the dishwasher elves. It's my fault. I married the man responsible. The Butt-slap elf is an irritating fellow. You'll be quite innocently washing-up, going up the stairs, simply walking along and he'll get you ....... slap! slap! slap! right on the butt! You'll turn round ... nothing there ..... except my husband. "Did you see him?!!!" he exclaims, "The Butt-slap Elf, did you see him?". *SIGH*.
The Dishwasher Elves are less annoying, even helpful. They live, obviously, in the dishwasher. "How do you know?", I asked my husband. My husband raises his eyes to the heavens, "How else do the dishes get clean?". "What do they look like?", I ask. "How on earth do I know!", he replies, "when you open the door they vanish, that's what all the steam is. They don't want you to see them. All the steam is made of little bits of elf ". "Do they wear little hats?", I ask. "Don't be ridiculous, that would be silly", he says. *SIGH*.
UPDATE: as with the crabbing I've just been told that once again I am technically INCORRECT. Pah! My husband says that you should NEVER open the door mid-cycle because the light vapourizes the elves - hence the steam. More have to then run up the pipes to carry on the cleaning. Also, now he tells me that there is a BIG pipe that runs under the sea to the Isle of Wight - otherwise how would the elves get there. GIVE ME STRENGTH.

The other day I was feeding money in to the parking ticket machine, busily explaining to my nine year old about how the goblins inside took the payment which lead onto how the Postage Elves get the mail overseas when the lady behind said "You should write a book ......". I don't understand this. I was just explaining how things are.
We live with elves, goblins and other little people .... we have no television ..... our imaginations are in over-drive..
On more mundane levels, I listed this itsy-bitsy ACEO in my Etsy shop today. It's called "Two Hearts" and is a pencil drawing with watercolours. I really like this theme for ACEOs as they are just right for framing and giving to someone you love. It'll need a wide old mount though so you are drawn into the picture. There is something so appealing about the shape of a heart and they are infinately variable. I've got quite a few hearts going on at the moment. I'm trying to put another picture in here but it keeps getting moved down with the text! All the pictures here are on by trial and error! I can't work out how to get them in the correct places half the time. Any tips would be much appreciated. I'll try again. ARGGHGHG! What am I doing wrong? Let's go again....... I can't get the text next to the picture! Look at all that space to fill! Can anyone help?...... any elves out there?

I've had to put the picture in the middle now! Although Florcita did offer me some help - I'm over-tired tonight and can't work stuff out as easily. I've had a question from her - "What about gnomes?". I asked my husband and he replied "Gnomes? Don't be silly, they don't exist". OKAAAAAAAAAAY.
Great hearts, aren't they? Just right for a girl's bedroom wall. Or ditch that idea and have them in your kitchen like the first picture. Not my kitchen, but a friends. Great kitchen! I'll get them into my Etsy shop soon - click on the pics if you are in the UK as they are available from Not On The High Street.com. Back soon!


  1. I think it is funny because in this atheist house we are getting ready to try to explain to the 2yr old son we have how life works, or basically reply his why why why questions in a year or two. You know, most people just blame God :). What do we do then? Faeries, and elfs and gnomes from the forest behind our house.

    About the picture: when you are writing the post, you click on that little link on the top (for adding pictures). A window opens up, you choose whether you upload the picture from your computer or from the www. And then, right there bellow you can choose whether you center the picture, or to the right, left...etc. If you choose Left, then you have the space beside it to write on. Is that what you are asking??

    By the way, I think the ACEO is really pretty. Simple, colorful, great shapes and colors and yes...a good gift! I used to have in another house,a whole wall full of small little framed drawings, sort of in the ACEO style. I really liked it and it always got raves from visitors!.

    One more question, how come you don't have gnomes?

  2. for f...sake... I wrote a book not a comment!

  3. At our house, we have trolls! They're cranky, picky, and high-maintenance, or so my husband would have me believe :-)

  4. Love the post, very entertaining. Thank you for sharing this little part of your life with us. Your husband has a GREAT sense of humor!!!

  5. omg, great hearts! So crafty and cute. I'd put them in the girls room and do a diff. shape for the kitchen, but same style! :)

    THanks for checkin out my blog.


  6. love it! how could I not read your blog today when I saw that title pop up? I have probs with blog pics too (thanks marian)

  7. Ah but Gnomes do exist see for yourself. They are all in this shop in Boston...

    I am loving the dishwasher elves, maybe between the 2 of us we can raise enough money to send them to the USA and then straight to my house for a few weeks huh?

  8. hello Half an Acre, i must say, in my poor english...your home its lovely, full of color, i enjoy your pallette!

  9. You are amazing! I found you on the Design Style Guide blog and love your writing and your art!

    A fan from Florida,
    Martha aka colorpoetry.etsy.com

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  11. Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog!!

    Your house sounds so much like mine! I had a great chuckle reading this entry! My husband is the same way. Our poor kids never know if they should believe what he says!

    I'm definately bookmarking this blog for future reading.

    P.S. I only call my daughter Poopsie when she's acting like one! As in...not posing how I'd like her to pose! I had assumed you were only kidding me though!

  12. In our house you have to beware of the invisible farting cat and the midnight mouse.
    The first usually makes itself known in the morning and the second prowls around the fridge in the nightime eating leftovers or sometimes just leaving giant teethmarks in bits of cheese.

  13. Sorry Anna that i didnt reply earlier. I've been under water. Great summer!
    Anyway, to make the saturday shopping list collage, I use the Mosaic maker from Flickr toys http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/
    Dont forget to let Charlotte from fancy picnic know that your are joining in, so she can add you to the list on her blog.

    Right, link: www.fancypicnic.blogspot.com

  14. Thank you for my blog comment! Vegas is amazing and yes that is a tattoo on my chest :) It's hearts going around the points of a star, I love hearts! And I love your hearts! they are lovely.