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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Bleurgh ... My eyeballs are arid.....

Bleurghghgh! It's been a promo week ....... I tend to do big wodges of it and then go all yucky and refuse to do anymore! My eyeballs dry up and stick to the lappy screen. Yesterday was the turn of Linkreferral.com. The site is as ugly as hell - ignore that. Actually the whole thing is pretty grim - but it does drive people to your shops - which is all we sellers care about, right? Basically you add your shop URL. It gets listed and people review your shop! Ta-daaaaaaa! It's true. So there. I had 3 reviews within an hour of signing up. To get the most out of it you have to review sites. You can search for the topics you are interested in. You simply rate it using a 1-5 scale and then write a few sentences to prove you actually looked at it!. There is major dross out there - serious dross - and loads of emo-teen blogs to avoid. I've driven nearly 200 people through my shops in the last 4 weeks and had about 30 reviews. Some people have favourited my shops so you never know, they might come back! If you very bored, with nothing else to do (yeah, right!) you can help your ratings by viewing 30 sites (just open the links and close again) and write 5 reviews for the day. This pushes your shop up to the top of the site so more people see it and hopefully review it. If you have a nice shop you will get good reviews etc because everyone is so relieved to actually find something nice to look at! Basically, its free - its quick, its easy, its promotion - get on and do it.
Here endeth the Half an Acre promo tutorial!


  1. I read about this and thought about doing it but I just dont know if i can gather the strength to go through tons of shops daily and keep up with it. It sorta bores me to death. Really does.
    Have you gotten any sales out of it?

  2. Looks like a good idea, might try it. If only to laugh at the emo-teen blogs ...

  3. Great info, will keep this in mind for sure!

  4. interesting... i guess I shall check it out but it doesn't sound fun (emo blogs part)

  5. oh wait I wanna add... gosh! you're so right, that site is ugly! lol but shall bookmark anyway =)