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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Hits the ground running....

I'm late! I'm late! A whole day late! I've missed two weeks of posting and I wanted to get my Saturday Shopping List in for this weekend - but I'm late! But here it is ...... QUICK! I'm still featuring new Etsy shops and here are three that I have discovered lately...

So - here we go! First up is a shop that I am very interested in! Stampingsisters. The shop sells decorative metal stamps - at present only a small selection but I love them already plus it promises more hard to find stamps and tools. I love stamps and tools! I'm a sucker for a tool! Hurry up Stampingsisters! Load more into your shop! I can't wait to see what else you have lurking! Apart from my wooden painted stuff I dabble with silver PMC and I need some tiny letter stamps - do you have any? Second up is JewelChunks. I'm feeling a bit autumny and chilly and these hats are the cutest and coolest ever. I love Jewelchunks' profile too! Lastly, this week, we have Danaruth, whose jewellery I would happily go bankrupt for! I am usually underwhelmed when it comes to jewellery as Etsy is oozing with it and much of it is a much of a muchness (!). I had real trouble chosing one piece to show you as I love so many of them .. oh, okay, I can't resist adding another .....

*PHEW*!! I've done it! I feel better now! There are loads of Saturday Shopping Lists for you to see - check out the list in my sidebar - great blogs featuring great Etsians. I'm off now to write up my next post about my holiday, a very large custraceon called Eddie and a bright yellow kayak! See you again soon!


  1. i've just been told that she'll be adding more in the next few days! YAY!

  2. Love the woollie hat !
    BTW I found the link for the folksy button.It's from KMC designs website

  3. nice stamps... intrigued now!

  4. indeed etsy is oozing with lovely jewellery, original and reasonably priced too. oh yes be sure to check out my blog today ;)

  5. Sorry this is so late...love them! great stamps!!

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