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Monday, 1 September 2008

A crab called Eddie, one christmas effort and a quest!

This is Eddie. Eddie the edible crab. As caught and named by my middle son, aged 6. That is not him in the picture - that is my eldest, aged 9. Aged 6 did not want to pick it up. Chicken!
Crabbing is a bit of an obsession/passion in our family. Check out this earlier post of mine - its my favourite! - all about catching the buggers. Getting a bit carried away I made a 'Crab Score' record book last year - couldn't resist illustrating it - it did look a bit blank and sad so I had to 'spot' it! This year our Grand Total is ...drum roll .... onethousandfourhundredandsixteen ... Yes, you said it right! 1416 of the little nippy suckers landed right in our buckets ... not all at once, that would be freekish. This year I am going to start writing my guide to crabbing in Seaview .... a publication of great authority, by me .... 30 years of crabbing off the same bloomin' rocks and i'm an expert I can tell you! People ask us what bait to use, how to do it etc so I thought I'd write a little guide and try to sell it in the local gift shop there. I've always wanted to write a book! I'll keep you updated as it progresses.
Onto more artistic things .... continuing with the beachy theme though .... I've made up four more Hag Stone Rounds. Stones all collected by me in between crabbing and dashing between raindrops. Two of them are similar to my original ones, all of which I have now sold. They are in my Etsy shop so you can check them out.
My latest one is a nod towards Christmas - GAH! Yes, I know, having to think about it sends shiver down me too! Tragic thing in that the garden centre nearest to me starts to put up its decorations on the 1st September - a disgrace - total disgrace - by the time it actually arrives I'm sick to the back teeth of it all and don't have any enthusiasm what-so-ever. So this is my only concession to Christmas! One hagstone round with whitish stones and a red star - that's it - just the one - that's all your getting this year from me! Hmm - that's very bah-humbuggish - I'm wondering - aha! a quest! yes - a quest! I'm going in search of refreshing christmas stuff! Hopefully all that Etsy talent out there will produce something to stir some festive spirit in me - I'll start early - ie now. So ......... I HEREBY ANNOUNCE THE START OF MY QUEST FOR NON-TACKY CHRISTMAS STUFF .... now I need a coffee!
P.S In case you are wondering... we do put all the crabs back and Eddie lived to see another day!



  1. Wow- coming to your blog was like taking a sip of fresh air - Thank you.
    I rejoice at your attitude towards the life - your love shines through your works- visual stories talk better any works - I can add just thank you once again.

  2. Christmas?????? CHRISTMAS???????? what the... already???? but it's still summer...isnt it?? what day is today?
    I hate ffffreaking christmas... especially in september.

    That is a good idea to actually write a book and maybe illustrate it in a funky way! great idea!

    Just one question, and I dont want to sound like a greenpeace/green hippie type person, this is true ignorance that is why I am asking.. 1400crabs, aint that bad?? I mean isnt that a looot? I suppose they reproduce like crazy otherwise, how do you get anything next season??

    Congrats nonetheless, you seem like the crab expert.

    Has Eddie been eaten?

  3. aaaahahahaha LOL sorry, I thought you were eating them! I was wondering how could you guys so many!!! hahaha LOL

  4. Eddie!!! was he as brave as 'Eddie the Eagle' trotting into your crabbing area!!! Can I have one of your crabby books when they are published?

    Love your blog...think I need a little help with my page layout!

  5. over 1400 crabs... I'm not worthy to be in the same blog-o-sphere as you!
    We crab when we're in the mood and bringing in 6 is a haul for us!
    The book sounds like a great idea - go for it!